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Testing Member Perceptions: Brand & Messaging

Brand Identity & Messaging: Testing Member Perceptions

Key Findings

ORI helped an alliance of five associations develop one brand identity to establish a national voice in the public debate around issues of education, health, and fitness.

To understand how a unified brand’s overarching messages would resonate with key stakeholders, ORI surveyed four distinct stakeholder groups from within and outside the organizations. The goal was to identify differences in their responsiveness to key themes. The survey determined that the integrated brand messaging engaged all of the stakeholder groups, which allowed the alliance to broaden its communication and outreach. The associations also used the study to help them adapt programs to maximize engagement for groups that had not participated greatly in the past.

Following the formal study, ORI used our Social Sampler to compare the volumes, themes, and tone of online dialogue that included keywords relevant to the associations. Further recommendations included crafting messages taking into account the trending themes and engaging in the social media conversations to achieve additional visibility and enable the trade group to capitalize on insights gathered through our research.