Case Studies

Tracking Brand Sentiment & Innovation Through Social Listening

A global consumer products company wanted to strengthen its social media monitoring capabilities by utilizing advanced text analytics to track brand sentiment and emerging innovation in the marketplace. ORI quickly and efficiently scraped social media data and translated it into brand sentiment insights—across multiple brands—while... Read More

A Humanistic Approach to Big Data

A Case Study of the Environmental Protection Agency By Edris Ibrahim, Solutions Architect, ORI When big data is mentioned, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Something like this? Or perhaps something more like this? What probably does not immediately come to mind... Read More

Translating Community Forum Data into Customer Insights

To better understand its customers, a leading product development company wanted to explore the unstructured data of open-ended conversations in its customer support and product idea online community forums hosted by a prominent vendor. By combining the client’s online forum data with its CRM and... Read More

Member Insights Through Data Transformation

Innovative Analysis of Association Data Yields Rich New Member Insights The following case study synopsis is based on an ORI white paper. A mid-size industry association was at a crossroads: Having achieved dramatic growth by adding new membership categories, the association now served a much more... Read More

Building Stronger Relationships Builds Sales

A global insurance carrier sought to persuasively deliver a differentiated value message to the people and organizations that bought its policies. For many firms, this would be just a marketing communications matter; however, our client relied exclusively on independent agents to recommend and sell its... Read More

Audience Insights Delivers Multi-Mode Conference Evaluation

ORI’s Audience Insights solution enabled a nationally recognized industry conference to revamp its attendee evaluation process and greatly improve the utility of the feedback received. ORI had a big task: collect quality evaluations from the 1,300 attendees at a 2-day conference that consisted of 78... Read More