ORI’s Core Technologies & Package Options

ORI brings together industry-leading technologies and provides them individually or packaged as offerings—with or without implementation and support services—based on each customer’s specific needs.

Tell us your goals and ORI will design the ideal solution for you.

Cloud Migration

Move on-prem data resources to the cloud & cloud data to cloud sources & endpoints securely, efficiently & cost-effectively

AI/ML Accelerator

Enable experts to rapidly & cost-effectively develop & test AI/ML models & then deploy them across the organization

Cloud Optimization 1

Create a cloud environment with automated data access & security controls for secure, governed & accessible data enterprise-wide

Cloud Optimization 2

Take cloud environments to the next level with automated, real-time data integration & automated data access & security controls

Did You Know?

You may benefit from simplified acquisition procedures leveraging ORI’s small business status for qualifying software/services procurements priced between the micro-threshold of $10,000 and maximum threshold of $250,000 (Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 13).

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