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Member Insights Through Data Transformation

Member Insights Through Data Transformation

Innovative Analysis of Association Data Yields Rich New Member Insights

The following case study synopsis is based on an ORI white paper.

A mid-size industry association was at a crossroads: Having achieved dramatic growth by adding new membership categories, the association now served a much more heterogeneous member base with diverse and occasionally divergent needs. To continue the association’s success, it needed a clearer picture of the current membership composition as well as a better understanding of what resonated with the different member segments.

The leadership team was particularly interested in determining which offerings motivated members to expand their involvement, in order to enhance the association’s educational, product, and service programs. Lacking the in-house resources required to analyze member activity in depth, the organization hired ORI to explore its membership data and explicitly identify important patterns in members’ behaviors.

ORI was tasked with delivering findings that would enable the leadership team to make specific, actionable decisions. Leveraging extensive research and strategic analysis experience into a new solution known as Member Insights, ORI’s analysis produced high-value member insights including: 

  • An alarming membership trend in the Northeast
  • A significant revenue opportunity through expanded online education
  • Untapped potential in member certification
  • New strategies to promote retention of at-risk members
  • New perspectives that challenged institutional assumptions about online engagement

Revenue opportunities identified by ORI were valued at more than $350,000. 

In summary, ORI’s Member Insights solution leveraged this association’s rich trove of AMS data and helped provide a deeper understanding of its members’ behaviors. It revealed important trends in member engagement and identified previously unknown opportunities to enhance the value of the association’s offerings and drive new revenue. The knowledge generated by this membership database examination enabled the client to plan more effectively and refine its aggressive growth strategy for that year and beyond.

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