Associations Need to Be Nimble in a Rapidly Evolving Environment

Associations today are challenged more than ever to keep up with members’ evolving needs and continually deliver value. Our clients consistently raise these and other concerns. At the end of the day, it’s about understanding member/customer expectations and interactions with your organization—and then closing the gap between what they expect and what you deliver.

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Customer Challenges We Address:

Data Shortage

We don’t have the time or resources to gather all the information we need.”

“We’d like to be sure that our products, services, marketing, and events are still relevant to our members and stakeholders and, more important, that we anticipate future needs.”

“We pour tons of resources into hosting our annual meeting, but we don’t end up with high-value insights from the post-event evaluations to strengthen our approach for next year.”

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Data Silos—Abundant Data, But Not Organized for Decision Making

We have tons of data, and almost no actionable insights to really improve our decision making.”

“Our data is locked in systems or departments that don’t talk with each other.”

“Our people are stretched pretty thin, and scouring through customer/member data, transforming it into something usable, and then devoting the time to in-depth analysis is simply not feasible for them right now.”

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Translating Insights into Customer Engagement—No Simple Task

We’d love to have our members act as evangelists and referral sources, but that just doesn’t happen right now.”

“Building a customer-centric culture requires engaged employees. We would like our teams to get more involved in strengthening member/customer relationships, but we’re not really sure where to start.”

“Our success to-date is because of our customer-centric culture. Our growth, however, makes keeping that focus on the customer a challenge. We need our staff to develop the relationship-building skills that will help us strengthen the customer experience.”

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ORI works with associations in a way that lets you focus on what you do best while benefiting from our systems and expertise. We augment your existing team, address your strategic questions, and deliver measurable, meaningful outcomes.

Case Studies: