Businesses Seek Competitive Advantage Via Enhanced Customer Experience

All businesses—whether B2B or B2C—recognize that improving the experience a customer has with their firm is an established path to increased sales. Yet many organizations still struggle with how to build a truly customer-centric organization to effectively attract and engage customers. At ORI, we frequently encounter clients who need help not simply retaining current clients but growing those relationships they’ve worked so hard to secure.

Customer Challenges We Address:

Assembling Data About Customer Behavior, Preferences & Sentiment

We’ve done satisfaction surveys, but I’m not sure we have good insight into the value our customers truly derive from working with us—or the needs they have that we are not currently able to address.”

“We need to expand our understanding about how our products and service offerings affect our customers and address their wants and needs.”

“I wish we could connect marketing and sales with customer service so we could build a shared understanding of our customers’ needs.”

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Transforming the Data You Have to Support Better Decisions

We could probably increase sales and build a predictable pipeline if we were able to test and assess alternatives and determine how our customers respond to our products and services.”

“We need visibility into the data we already have, but it spans departments and isn’t
easily consolidated.”

“Our staff is already overloaded, and I don’t see how they can undertake a detailed
analysis project.”

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Translating Insights into Customer Engagement—Not So Easy

Our goal is to strengthen relationships with our customers to turn them into evangelists and referral sources.”

“We have two goals: to enhance the productivity of our teams and, at the same time,
to improve customer loyalty.”

“We’d like our team to embrace change, but it doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough.”

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ORI works with businesses to in a way that lets you focus on what you do best while benefiting from our systems and expertise. We augment your existing team, address your strategic questions, and deliver measurable, meaningful outcomes.

While many companies tout technologies they claim will increase engagement, improve customer experience, or make sense of customer information, technology by itself is not enough. ORI’s team internalizes your goals and then draws upon a variety of techniques and technologies to help you meet them.

Case Studies: