Increasing customer engagement is the true engine of growth. Listening. Understanding. Improving Customer Experience.

ORI is a research and data analytics firm that focuses on strengthening customer relationships.

What is CX?


We identify, process and analyze large volumes of data and integrate multiple sources. The goal? Increased understanding, efficiency and productivity.


We transform data into actionable insights and recommendations that drive meaningful outcomes and sustainable results. The goal? Stay ahead of customer expectations.


We strengthen team engagement in customer experience. The goal? Develop a customer-centric culture, minimize turnover, increase customer loyalty and profitability.

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Behind Every Revenue Dollar Is A Customer

In the Words of Our Clients

The Burning Question

Will we be able to show a return on investment?

Yes, or we won’t take the work. You likely have something in mind – perhaps a workshop, or a particular study or analysis – but our professional staff begin each engagement by making sure we have a detailed understanding of what success looks like for you and identifying the measurable goals you want to achieve. These factors are more important than any specific task, tool, or approach – whether it’s a $10K, $100K, or $1M project – because they allow us to design a high value/high-return engagement.

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