Carla Trexler

carla trexlerProject Manager, Data Collection

I enjoy working with our clients to ensure that their schedules are met and that ORI delivers a high-quality deliverable that meets ORI’s and our clients’ standards.”

Carla provides clients with the confidence that projects will run smoothly, regardless of size or complexity. As one of ORI’s longest-tenured employees, Carla has the institutional knowledge that enables her to efficiently plan and manage intensive data collection projects. She transforms a project’s strategy into real-world implementation, ensuring that staffing is available and properly trained, technology is tested and ready, and workflow is streamlined. But Carla is not just an internally-focused manager—she is also the cheerful face of ORI that clients interact with, delivering ongoing status reports and calls, accommodating schedule changes, and anticipating and resolving challenges before they can affect important deliverables. In this way, she guarantees that ORI meets the tight deadlines and exacting quality standards that keep our client satisfaction ratings high.

Carla advocates for continuous improvement, always searching for ways to do things better. She works to enhance the tools and procedures used for many of ORI’s long-term clients, helping them adopt new processing technologies such as OCR and UNIBASE, which control costs while increasing the flexibility of ORI’s workforce. Matching what clients need with the range of ORI’s capabilities makes Carla a truly valuable project manager.