Problems We Solve


Identify, process and analyze large volumes of data and integrate multiple streams and sources. Increase understanding, efficiency, and productivity.


Transform data into actionable insights and recommendations that drive meaningful outcomes and sustainable results. Stay ahead of customer expectations.


Every interaction is a customer experience; your team’s role is critical. Develop your front-line resources, minimize turnover and increase profitability.


Identify, process and analyze large volumes of data and integrate multiple sources. Increase understanding, efficiency and productivity.

Our team takes the time to better understand how your content, products, and services affect your customers and how best to address their wants and needs. We help you gain visibility into the data you already have, even if it spans departments, sources or is a blend of quantitative and qualitative insights. By allowing our experts to gather, process and analyze large volumes of data for you, your team is free to do what they do best, while directly benefiting from our systems and expertise.

Large paper-based survey project still required in your organization? Labor intensive environmental scan/competitive intelligence project looming? Complex data collection project with rigorous quality standards and collection requirements? These are just a few of our favorite challenges – let us handle them for you.

Q. “Why should we work with you, can’t we just collect data ourselves?”

You absolutely can do it yourself. There are many tools available online that make fielding a survey easy, often free. But, buyer beware – before you rush to start sending out questionnaires, please read How to Get More out of your Online Survey. We can offer you hard-earned wisdom about how to get what you really need to know (which is not always obvious) and how to build an actionable plan based on your results.

Sample Engagements

We manage complex data collection services that focus on flexible, scalable processing of sensitive mission-critical data.

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Complex Data Collection

  • Few organizations have ORI’s ability to meet both accuracy and speed requirements for processing high complexity, high volume, and high “touch” initiatives.
  • Program Management and Evaluation
  • Longitudinal Studies

Customer Insights

  • New needs identification, and trend tracking
  • Customer/member/citizen sentiment analysis
  • Internal customer (employee) satisfaction and needs assessment
  • Pulse monitoring of external and internal customer engagement/customer loyalty

Data Capture & Management

  • Web/mobile
  • Mail/paper
  • Telephone/CATI
  • Database management
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)


Transform data into actionable insights and recommendations that drive meaningful outcomes and sustainable results. Stay ahead of customer expectations.

Make wiser decisions about new offerings, marketing, and hiring based on fully understanding customer expectations. We explore how your customers respond to your products and services and enable you to align your offerings more closely with their preferences. We also make the wealth of information already within your organization more accessible to give you and your executive team the fuel they need to drive incremental sales and increase profitability.

Q. “Our data is a mess and in silos – we’re not even sure we know what we have. Is this salvageable?”

It’s easy for information to get “stuck” in individual departments when folks are moving too fast and sharing data with others is a low priority. Data is our business, and our clients love when we transform data silos into useful resources – combining, slicing, dicing, and mining – to find the customer insights they couldn’t extract on their own. We use a variety of mechanisms, tools and techniques to discover effective ways to segment constituencies, understand member/customer growth patterns, and match offerings to high-potential customers.

Sample Engagements

We deliver high value business intelligence services that reveal compelling behavioral trends, revenue opportunities, and quantifiable event outcomes.

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Business Intelligence

  • Data transformation of multiple data sources, repositories and systems into readily accessible information and insights
  • Aggregation/synthesis of primary research
  • Thematic analysis of existing market research
  • Segmentation/longitudinal analysis of existing research

Customer Engagement & New Concept Testing

  • Brand awareness
  • Member Insights – in depth member activity analysis revealing compelling behavioral trends and revenue opportunities
  • Audience Insights – timely event feedback across multiple audiences to quantify event outcomes
  • Familiarity with service offerings & value derived
  • Brand perceptions/strength of attribute association
  • Competitor perceptions
  • Marketing/branding concept testing
  • New service offering solution testing


Every interaction is a customer experience. Your team is critical to these ‘moments of truth.’ Develop your front-line resources, minimize turnover and increase profitability.

Want to generate loyalty by enhancing your customers’ experience but stymied by How? We work with teams to strengthen their relationships with your customers so that you can turn those customers into brand evangelists and referral sources. Building on the voice of the customer and all the ways we collect, analyze and identify customer wants and needs, we address the far more complex issue of mobilizing every team member in the growth of the organization. We start with designing and delivering customized development programs to enhance both employee and customer engagement, and overlay benchmarks to measure the impact of changes in employee attitudes and behaviors. In this way we connect customer data to day-to-day actions and day-to-day actions to increased engagement.

Q. “We know strong customer engagement requires employee engagement – but shifting behavior can take time and that is a tough sell.”

You are right about the connection between employee and customer engagement, and the reality is, this does take time. The question really becomes “Can you afford not to devote the time and resources to this issue?” Senior management can be reluctant to fund employee engagement directly, because they fear that it will be a cost without a return. In Behind Every Revenue Dollar is a Customer, we demonstrate the direct impact that your customers have on your revenue and bottom line when they interact with empowered, committed employees throughout your organization. The least expensive customer to acquire is the one you already have, and delivering positive customer experience translates into more and repeat sales as well as positive word-of-mouth.

Sample Engagements

We work with teams to expand their repertoire of customer awareness and engagement skills, empowering them to interact effectively, build rapport, and ultimately, increase customer loyalty.

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Strategy Sessions

  • With senior management that tackle how to establish a Customer Experience program within your organization, ranging from actionable customer-centric business plans to customer “listening posts” and closed-loop feedback.

Workshops and retreats on customer/member experience

  • Spark interest across the organization to determine exactly what will strengthen customer relationships.
  • Topics include building a motivational environment, promoting an all-hands approach, and developing a widely disseminated sense of ownership.

Professional development for your client-facing teams

  • Identify who could (with some new skills and abilities) strengthen your internal working environment, your external client relationships and directly increase profitability.