Delivering on Maryland’s Customer Service Promise

Strengthening Customer Experience

As an approved Master Contractor under the Maryland Customer Service Training and Process Improvement Consulting Master Contract 2017-2022, ORI is fully equipped and qualified to develop and implement customer service improvement programs throughout the state.

ORI is your partner in ensuring compliance and visibly demonstrating continued success with Maryland’s statewide initiative to build a customer-centric culture. ORI works with teams to:

  • Improve processes to drive efficiency gains across different government agencies
  • Strengthen customer service and customer relationships
  • Assess and report on customer feedback and performance metrics to demonstrate progress, create accountability, and drive results

Supporting a Cultural Shift

ORI Customer Experience Visible ProgressORI designs and delivers customer service training and development programs to help organizations undertake significant cultural shifts. We work with mid-level management to connect critical customer experience goals with the actions required at the team level to improve service delivery. ORI delivers:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Appropriate instructional design, instructors, and facilitators
  • Ongoing monitoring of performance and results to implement change that lasts
  • Data analysis to identify possible process improvements to enhance customer service
  • Data-driven storytelling to share government progress toward building a customer-centric culture

Sample ORI Courses: Design & Delivery for Customer Service Training:

  • Citizens as Customers: A Shared Perspective
  • Building a Strong Customer-Focused Team: Difficult or Simple?
  • Managing Conflict: In Search of Well-Reasoned Differences of Opinion
  • Leading With Value: Service Beyond Expectations